Saturday, December 17, 2005

Last night I went out for the first time and away from my precious little girl. I could say I didn't cry, but I would be lying b/c I teared up and Laura & John made fun of me. Laura & I went to TGIFriday's (and put it on blast) and then to go see RENT!! Jack Daniels Seasame Chicken Strips for dinner (good) and a big ass Mudslide to drink (V. GOOD!!). RENT was OK. I give it a 3 out of 5. It was weird to listen to them just say some lines and the songs were sometimes out of order. Oh and they obviously recorded the singing elsewhere and just "matched" it to their mouths. It was badly "matched." Two things about it...1) Jesse L. Martin-I love you!! and 2) Rosario Dawson-pls don't sing anymore. I am not impressed.

I came home to a darkened house and a semi-awake husband and about 15 minutes of sleeping baby. Then I didn't get to bed until 4 am. Lovely. John got up with her around 430 b/c she wouldn't stop fussing and I just wanted to lay in my own bed!!!! He left for work about an hour later and she woke up an hour after that. We snoozed in my bed until 1100. I swear she sleeps so sweetly when she is with me.

As always, I end my post with "I should probably take a shower, but I really don't wanna."

Oh and my next post will not be about baby...I hope.

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