Thursday, December 15, 2005

After much thought, we decided on what to do with "daycare." A friend of mine recommended a lady that lives about a mile away for in home care. She has a drop in rate that is VERY good, so we decided to use her on the days that John works. The following day, I will drop her off next door for an hour or two until John gets home from the station. He "quit" his second job. Kind of. He will still occasionally work PRN (as needed) on some overnight shifts.

He called me today and said he's beginning to think it was a bad idea for him to give up those hours and the $$. He is all about the money. I told him that I think it is best what we are doing b/c at least one of us needs to be with her. This is an important time in her life. He came back with paying the bills off earlier, me being able to stay at home sooner, blah blah blah. I flat out told him that I would give up everything material that we own just to be at home with her. That shut him up. He was quiet for a long time and then said, "That was deep."

Stupid bills. God I want to stay at home. This sucks.

In other news...she slept from 2am until around 9 am and then fell back asleep at 945am. It is now 1120am. She must be tired. Oh and I think she may have reflux or something. She slept so much better at an angle.

I should probably go take a shower, but I really don't want to.

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