Thursday, December 29, 2005

I really need to update this more. That's the whole point of this right? To get my thoughts out on a daily (or every other day) basis.

Anyway...what's on my mind today?

I am sick with some awful painful chest congestion. I woke up on Christmas Day with a sore throat and it has just gotten worse every day. My poor little Caroline has a bit of it too. It sucks to hear her so congested and she really can't take anything yet.

I go back to work on Tuesday and I don't want to. I just found out half the department will be gone and all this extra work will be piled on my desk. My desk that is a mess b/c apparently some people were grazing some office supplies left out. My printer is unplugged and sitting on the other side of my cube and it just looks horrible. At least it did when I went to visit and show off the girl a couple of weeks ago. Another reason why I don't want to go back is John. He informed me the other day that he didn't plan on ever going anywhere with her. At all. WTF? She needs to be out of the house and get fresh air and see new things. It really pissed me off. Do I really want my daughter to be just pushed aside and stuck in the house all day while Daddy looks at porn? Nope. Another thing, he hardly ever changes her diaper in the middle of the night b/c HE IS TOO TIRED! What a reason! It's not about him. It is about our daughter lying in pee all night. Poor girl. What if I come home to him rushing to hide the computer history and her in the diaper from the morning? I can picture it now...

I think I have that Mommy knows best outlook. I was telling him to do something the other day and he said, "I'm just a really bad Dad." I know he isn't. He just needs to take initiative and BE one. Or let me stay home and all will be well.


stacey said...

"I'm just a really bad dad." you don't know how many times I heard this when A was first born. It took me awhile to 1) stop correcting DH everytime he did something different than I would do it - because sometimes it's not wrong - just different. and 2) politely correct him in a way that didn't make him feel incompetent...because I think I did that a lot the first few weeks..but that was only because I knew more.

John will come around...=)

Kyt said...

J is still looking at that stuff?

As for the 'I'm a bad dad' thing, I got really fed up hearing it and told B that if he wanted to be a good one then he needed to at least try! Hang in there.