Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First-let me pat myself on the back. Items 1,2, and 4 on my list of things to do yesterday...CHECK!!!

I brought Miss Caroline up to work yesterday to show her off. During that time, she smiled and smiled in her sleep. She must have peed a ton in that short time b/c that was one of the heaviest diapers I have ever changed!!! Speaking of smiles, I swear she smiled at me this morning. WTETFY says it is a possibility. I like to think my child is extra advanced. She does have wrinkles on her forehead. :) Right now she is sitting in front of the window working on her tan. I would like for her to stay up more during the day instead of the middle of the night when Mommy needs her beauty sleep. I also put some wrist rattles on her. She keeps holding her arms straight up as if she is saying, "WTF??" Anyway, back to work...everyone loved her and said she looks like John. She does. Poor girl! I also LOVE (please note sarcasm here) to get told what to do with my child by someone who doesn't even have kids!!!!! STFU!! I realize that you should cut a baby's nails to keep them from scratching themselves. I am not ready to do that, so I am filing them. It works just fine. And you know what else??? I will cover her up with the blanket right before we go outside. She doesn't need it over her yet. Maybe she wants to look at the fabulousness that IS the office!!! Stupid people. Just tell me my kid is beautiful and keep your advice to yourself. Unless of course I ask for it.

And in non-baby related news...um....lets see....oh yeah...I think I may have to have some sex soon. Not looking forward to it.

Today's quote from me...(from the Kissy archives)
"Je je-It's the typo that became a phenomenon"


Muffy said...

I filed Aiden's nails for the first month. Its really scary the first time you trim their nails. Tell those old biddys to STFU!

Kathleen said...

I *heart* je je.

And way to go on your checklist yesterday! Super Kissy! :)