Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"How is my baby doing?"

I'm fine Mom. Thank you for asking. I KNOW that she is asking about Caroline, but you know what? I hate that she calls her MY baby or MY girl. She's not yours. She's MINE!!!! I know that she is happy and everything and loves her new grandbaby, but still!!!

OK. Enough of that.

Sadly, my husband has discovered that I have a blog. He probably reads it now, so I can't bitch about him too much. Or maybe I can bitch and it would help him understand the issues at hand??? Possibly? Probably not.

I have my official six week PP appointment tomorrow. Great. I'm sure it will just be about how I can get pregnant now and be expecting my period. Fun times. The big question is...when do we want to have the next one and will it be a year and half trial again??

And speaking of the year and a half to get Baby Caroline...my Mom calls her a miracle baby. So does my friend Monica. Is she really? My mom also called her a Christmas Angel last night too. John laughed at her and said that she is more like a Thanksgiving Angel, but I guess it doesn't sound as good. If we are giving her names like that, wouldn't she be the "Roto Rooter Baby?" She was conceived b/c I got my tubes cleaned out. It just doesn't sound as cute does it?


stacey said...

grrr..."How's my baby doing?" My mom does this too. I tell her that MY baby and HER grandson are doing just fine. She hates it =)

Muffy said...

That "how's my baby" stuff bugs the ever loving shit out of me. My mom, Aunt-IL, and grandfather do this and I always correct them. WTF! Shut up people!

Kyt said...

I think all female relatives do this and it pisses me off. *I* went through the labor, but of course, it is *their* baby. And boo, to John finding your blog.