Monday, February 06, 2006


Blah. Mondays suck. I think Mondays should become part of the weekend so they wouldn't suck so bad. Then I would hate Tuesdays, so it is a no win situation.

I finally got a pedicure this weekend!!! I haven't had one since before Caroline was born and my feet were looking nasty. "It's winter. Why does it matter?" you ask. Why...because it is 70 degrees here most days, so I am wearing my flops and my feet need to look perty. Also, because when I do wear shoes and socks, the socks get caught on my nasty heels. Ew....there's a visual for ya.

John and I were discussing the places we needed to visit this year. We are going to Durango, Colorado in March to visit my Grandma in her nursing home. I want her to see her first grandchild in person before she passes away. There won't be much interaction, but at least she will see her. Then, there is the Snarkie GTG planned in April and then the wedding at the end of May. (HURRY UP KEVIN!! Let's make it official so I can book some plane tickets!) John's 10-year reunion is this year and he's been talking to a few people on about it, so he is leaning towards going. That's in Belle, West Virginia. We also wanted to go to Myrtle Beach this year, but I am pretty sure that will be the first cut. I think it already may be done.

Also, I'm a computer idiot and don't know how to make the cool links to things if I mention them without posting the WHOLE web address.

And another all the people who search for Caroline Kraddick and pull up my blog, HELLO!!! You better not be pervs. That whole Dateline special on Friday made me leary (spelling?) I am contemplating never introducing the computer to my Caroline. She won't be dating either.

One more...if anyone is in need of a restaurant style Rotisserie, please contact me. I want to get this thing out of my garage. Thanks.

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