Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm torn

Torn between 2 evils!! In between a rock and a hard place!

a.) I need to work on this jelly belly
b.) I love to eat junk food.

I have no strength whatsoever. I'm trying to be good today, or at least better than I normally am. I have not had any Coke or coffee. I have had 2 granny smith apples. I think I might need to have a bit of Coke when I go home though b/c I'm starting to get a kickin headache.

So, I was at home with the little Cookie yesterday since she is still sick and we wanted to make sure that the whole throwing up thing was related to phlegm and not something contagious. It is oh so sad to watch your baby gag and choke. BUT, it is kinda funny to hear a 3 month all try to hock a lugee. Which leads me to a question..How do you spell loogee?? See, that is 2 different ways. No idea. I've never had to type or write it.

Anyway, I did not want to leave her this morning. She looked so sweet and peaceful when she fell back asleep after her 415am bottle.


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