Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My sister thinks I have the best blog. She is totally biased. This blog really is boring as hell. It's all baby all the time! Woo freaking hoo.

We are having "a night." Today was her first day at the sitter. The sitter fed her every 2 hours. I choose to agree with Eggy that she just doesn't know her cries, but tonight SUCKS!! She has pretty much been SCREAMING since 730pm and has only eaten 2 oz since 400pm. I'm in for a long night. Poor thing sounds like she is in pain and when I tried to feed her again, she would take a couple of sucks and then start screaming. I'm worried that her throat hurts or something. That is what I have had. How do you tell if a baby's throat is inflamed???? You can't exactly say open wide. She was flailing around a lot though. Maybe she is just overtired and overstimulated from her first day??? Parenting is a lot of guessing. Wouldn't it be the best if babies could talk right out of the womb?

If she is still like this tomorrow, I will probably have John call the doctor since I will be at work.

And her feeling yucky and me being gone becomes yet ANOTHER reason why it tears me up that I have to be at that fucking place. Stupid bills, stupid work...

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stacey said...

=( poor baby. I hope she feels better this morning.

I keep telling DH that I will never know anything about this child until he can talk for himself. is he hurting? does he have a cold? is he teething? is he sick? i have no clue.