Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I suck at this

I really do suck at keeping up with this blog and writing interesting little tidbits everyday. I honestly don't have any stories to tell and nothing exciting happens to me.

Other things I suck at:
*telling people when they hurt my feelings
*functioning with less than 5 hours sleep
*keeping my NY resolutions

My day-Beginning at the beginning
1:00am-Wake up to Caroline cough-choking
3:00am-See 1:00am
4:00am-Toss and turn
5:00am-Oh joy! Ten minutes of sleep!! Wake up to Caroline cough/choking and then screaming to be fed. Feed her. Take shower. Do hair & throw on some makeup. Get dressed.
6:00am-Finish getting the sitter bag together. Drop Caroline off at sitter. Hear how much she has changed. Drive to work.
7:00am-15 minutes late to work.
8-10:00am-Print and PDF numerous promissory notes. Shove pencils in eyes b/c it is so boring.
12:00pm-DRIVE TO MCDONALDS!!!! Yell at stupid moron drivers. Eat sucky McD's and go back into work.
1:00-3:59pm-Calculate prepayment penalties for loans that converted to a fixed interest rate using the Federal Reserve statistics for the weekly H15 rates. Blah blah blah. Go to bathroom every 45 minutes throughout the day. Still no period.
4:00pm-Pick up Caroline. She only cough/choked 3 times at sitter's house. Lucky her. By her, I mean the sitter.
5:00pm-Enjoy a long bathroom visit. Still no period in case you were wondering.
6:00-7:00pm-Gossip with neighbor. Make some ranch bacon pasta. Feed baby. Change diaper.
8:00pm-Do this

There you go. I know you are jealous. You wish you had my life. Oh and today is my half birthday. Exciting stuff.

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Laura said...

You forgot the most important part of your day. The drive home!!!!