Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Saturday in the Life of Us....

5:00 am - "Whaaaa waaaa mama I want my mama waa waa" - WHAT???? A 15-month old CANNOT speak in complete sentences. That wasn't right!
*take temperature*
5:05 am - "I told you she was saying that." Um, honey, she CANNOT be saying it. She's only 15-months old!!!! Roll back over and go to sleep for 20 more minutes.
5:30 am - Wake up to his alarm going off. Grab his pillow and roll back over.
6:20 am - Mumble a goodbye to DH.
7:15 am - And we're really up now. DAMMIT! I would love to sleep in until at least 10:00. Doesn't she realize how AWESOME it is to do that?!?!?
7:25 am - Waffle and milk ready
7:30 am - I love the last temp recall on my thermometer. So cool. Still 97.2 on Day 15.
*Backyardigans, Super Pets, much yelling and throwing things at the dog. Now that's entertainment! Poor Wyatt*
9:00 am - NAP!! Mommy gets a shower!
11:00 am - Pizza rolls and ranch for lunch. She is SOOOO my daughter. Don't judge the lunch. At least she is eating.
11:30 am - CRASH!!! Grill blows over in the wind. Unable to lift it back.
12:00 pm - Bath time! No pooping!!!
1:00 pm - Get ready to leave. Have neighbor pick up grill, put against house, take cool candle things and bug zapper into garage. Look too pretty to help and get dirty.
2:00 pm - Baby shower #1
2:45 pm - CARROTS AND DIP!!!!
5:30 pm - Late for Baby shower #2
6:00 pm - Fajitas!! Everyone loving my baby girl. She's too damn cute for her own good. I love how I was telling my neighbor that she is an absolute terror at home lately and the Terrible 2's are starting early and then Caroline decides to sit quietly on my lap without moving the whole time the Mommy and Daddy to be are opening gifts. THE WHOLE TIME!!
7:00 pm - Early bedtime for The Divine Miss C. YES!!!
7:30 pm - Watch "She's the Man" and maybe cry just a little. P.S. That Channing Tatum, Tatum Channing guy is effing hot!! My list may be getting longer.
7:35 pm - Page husband for the second time. Realize he may be on a call. Turn on radio and listen to the fire.
9:10 pm - Phone call from the fireman. He hasn't eaten dinner yet, so he will call me back. The fire was "ok."
10:00 pm - I have a blog? Maybe I should update it.
10:09 pm - Still typing.

Damn. Don't be jealous of my super kewl life.

*This post brought to you by numerous exclamation points, extremely long sentences, and RANDOM capitalization.*

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