Friday, March 09, 2007

Justin Timberlake concert review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Justin Timberlake "Future Sex Love Sound" tour.

The night started off very badly. Our tickets were not sent to the Will Call Window until after 7:30pm!!! We had been waiting for 2 hours, but the band had not released their tickets yet. Yes, I said the band. We have the connections people!!!

There was a crappy no camera rule, so we had to put our cameras back in the car. BOO!!! Little did we know how much more that would suck. Thank God we had camera phones! We finally got inside and purchased our official concert t-shirts and then got some dinner. (Popcorn and a coke). We had already missed half of Pink, but that was OK. Would you like to know why???

Because we were in ROW FREAKING A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were a couple seats away from one of the stage runways and sitting right next to the floor walkway. We watched everyone go by.

Pink did some acrobatic stuff that was very cool. She is a little thing.

In between the acts, we notice a gorgeous guy walking down the walkway. Everyone was taking his picture. It was Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. Much cuter in person ladies!!

The lights dimmed and an entourage comes running by us. It was Usher!!!!

Justin came up through the stage and sang "Future Sex Love Sounds." He was wearing a white suit and a black shirt. The man can shake his ass! He is so freaking hot.

A little while later, a tall man comes towards us. It is Dirk from the Dallas Mavericks. Laura and I got a high five and a smile. He is also cuter in person.

Timbaland came on stage and sang a bit with Justin. Then he came of the stage and started walking back and forth right in front of us!! He came over and said HEY and we shook his hand. Awesome! He is becoming a legend in the music industry. Who wants to touch my hand??

After all the big songs, Justin came on stage in just a t-shirt and pants and sat down at the keyboard/piano. He sang the first verse of Dick in a Box and laughed. That was greatness. I wish he would have sung the whole thing.

He left the stage amid the screams and walked off and hugged the guy standing on the floor right in freaking front of us!! He has a HUGE smile! They walked off and that ended one of the best nights in our lives.

Note: I do realized that I am almost 30, but so what.

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spencerwife said...

OMG!! SOOOOO JEALOUS!! I would give anything to see him in concert! I told my DH that you saw Dirk N and Tony Romo...pretty cool!!