Monday, January 29, 2007

Wow, I suck at this...

I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I'll just do a stream of conciousness thing.

-My daughter is so smart! We follow her to her room at night at bedtime. "Time to go to bed!" and she walks to her room. It's so cute.
-The girl can put food away! Wow.
-My job is stressing me out. I have nightmares about specific loan numbers and I KNOW that when Caroline is screaming in the middle of the night that she is so frustrated with loan #12345 that she just can't sleep either. I swear I think that while I stumble to her room.
-I have had some effed up dreams lately. The latest involved my coworkers, some weird school that looked like my cube and converted to a bed, Transformers attacking us and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from Prison Break.
-Congratulations to all the newly PG Snarkie Moms! It's so exciting. What's the official baby count since we started?
-My heart breaks for you Eileen. I can't even imagine.
-Prayers for my Mom would be grateful.
-Tommy the Tumor is waking up. I can tell. Hey, J? Tommy wants to tell you that you shouldn't take it personal. He just likes to eff my body up.
-I really want my sister to get pregnant. She will make a really good Mom. I ask her for advice. She knows so much about kids.

OK...That's all for now.

Here's something to make you laugh. Laura told me we should edit it and send it in to America's Funniest Videos.

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harjeet said...

your daughter is soooooooooo sweet & may god bless her with good health.