Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Long time no read

I was inspired to do a google search a la Carolyn and came to a sad conclusion. I talk about nothing cool. But these things did come up:

Caroline Kraddick
People!! You will NOT see a picture of Kidd Kraddick's daughter here! My daughter's name is Caroline.
hock a lugee
Still wondering about the correct spelling
farrell homemade

And now onto this month's topics....

Positive pregnancy tests. I hate them. I really feel defective. Whenever anyone (read: everyone) asks when we are having another baby they always make the statement, "It's easier to get pregnant the second time." Really? Don't think so. I have not been on birth control AT ALL and we used a condom maybe once when Caroline was 3 months or so. I get a postive pregnancy test and the next day it is negative. Just call me the queen of chemical pregnancies. It really made me think about having another baby though. I am back and forth on that one.

Friends. I have very few IRL here in Texas. I have my sister of course, Corie, Joanna (YAY!!) and many many "close acquaintances." I have my Snarks, but lately I don't feel like a part of the group anymore. It's not like it used to be and that is mostly because I am hardly on anymore. It sucks.

Teeth. Why does Caroline still only have 2? And why do my teeth not look so sparkly white? I don't even smoke anymore. OK, most of the time I don't smoke. I have been known to light up for special occasions, like drinking.

Zitty and fat. That's how I would describe myself right now. I'm miserable. The self esteem may be at an all time low.

Tommy. HA! I haven't taken my meds in almost 2 months. The doctor's office won't refill my script until I come in and I need my MRI and bloodwork to have a real visit. Can't afford it! My lack of meds is really starting to show too. I feel very slow and say the stupidest things lately. That's what happens. Maybe that explains the fat???

OK. I think I'm done.

Oh yeah, P.S. We buried our Grandma this past weekend. Laura and I had never been there before and got to see where our Grandpa (who we never met) was buried. We got to see family we hadn't seen since before either of us was married too.

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Kathleen said...

Oh, K, even if you feel far away (and goodness knows I've felt that way) know that we are here. You can always email me, anytime.

And isn't it the most infuriating thing to put up with a medical condition due to lack of money, even when you have health insurance? I'm at that point right now with constant back pain, and it's beginning to drive me crazy.

Anyway -- know that I understand.