Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surprise! We weren't even trying!

I've always wanted to say that and probably won't get the opportunity. So, I've come up with some other ways to use it.

1. Suprise! We weren't even trying. We just happened to go to the store and found the perfect comforter. The house won't be ready for months!
2. Surprise! We weren't even trying to be on time. We just always are. ALWAYS. It's annoying.
3. Surprise! We weren't even trying to have a potty trained kiddo. Well,honestly that's a lie. She peed on the couch twice last week and I can't get the smell out.
4. Suprise! We weren't even trying! I swear we were just trying to get rid of the pee stink. We didn't try to catch the apartment on fire. Who does that?
5. Surprise! We weren't even trying...Yeah...don't have any more. I don't feel that witty.

Yet another friend has gotten pregnant and it's a total suprise and they weren't trying. Blah blah blah. In case you were wondering, heck yes I am jealous. So jealous. It makes me sad. John said to me - It's just another person you can hate. I don't HATE them. I'm just green with envy, jealousy, whatever you call it.

I probably seem ungrateful or whatever. I mean, I have a beautiful little girl already. Lots of couples haven't even had 1 blessing. I don't mean to sound that way. But what I wouldn't give to have something in my life be that easy.

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