Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Having another baby...

is turning out to be harder than last time.

We started trying for #2 after we had a surprise positive test on Caroline's first birthday. I miscarried a couple of days later. Fast forward to December...my tubes are clear, my prolactin is OK (just a tad too high) and it's not just me with the fertility issue now.

We are apparently the perfect candidates for IUI. Both female and male factor infertility. Fun times. Today is CD 9. I took Clomid on days 3-7 and boy do I hate it! We go on Saturday to check my follicles and if all is well, John gives me the shot to stimulate ovulation that afternoon and then we make some babies on Monday!!! I am nervous, excited, scared. My emotions are all over the place. I'm scared of the results on Saturday. I hope I have follicles and I hope they are big enough.

So, I haven't been keeping quiet about it at work. All of my group knows that I suffer from infertility and my BOSS even knows I'm getting inseminated on Monday. How embarassing is that? But truly, deep down inside, I want to talk about it to everyone. I hold on to the hope that other people suffer from the same thing, but just don't talk about it. I wish they would. Maybe if there were enough of us that were vocal about our struggles, about the insurance, then maybe the company might care enough to pay for some of it. You'd think a big company like mine would give a shit. They don't. Although, they do pay for abortions! Doesn't that make you all tingly?

Anyway, wish us luck. Pray for us. Something. We could use some happy news. A baby and the NKOTB reunion would make for a fab summer!

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