Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dude-It's been almost a month!

It's been almost a month since I last posted. What have I done in that time you ask? I've worked. I've even worked the dreaded overtime. Not so much that it sucks, but just enough to make your househusband a little bit pissy when you get home at 7:15pm.

Also, I haven't been taking my medicine like I should. *holding out hand for a slap* Believe me, I'm getting it. My hair started falling out again, I can't stand to have J touch me, the moods are up and down, I'm forgetting a lot, and the other day there was the tiniest bit of fluid leaking out of the girls. Oh and don't forget the headaches. It was so bad yesterday that I pulled the brain tumor card at work with someone. I hadn't broadcast that news at the new job. I figured it wasn't really necessary. J and I discussed it and I am going to be super diligent about taking my medicine for the next couple weeks and THEN I will go get my MRI and bloodwork that I was supposed to get last month. Tommy the Tumor has been controlled with medication well in the past so if that is what it is, we will handle it!

In other tumor news, I was reading Predator by Patricia Cornwell the other day. Guess what? Lucy has a macroadenoma!!!! That is a bigger version of what I have. (12mm vs 7mm at Tommy's biggest) I kind of got a kick out of it because, well, you just don't hear about them that much. At that point I decided that Grey's Anatomy should have Dr. Shepherd do brain surgery on someone with a pit tumor. I wonder who I should write with my idea??

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Anne said...

Hi Kimberly. How are you doing?

I had my macroadenoma tumor on my pituitary gland removed in 2004 and have had no re-growth since then. Mine had grown into the optical nerve chiasm and I feel so lucky to have my sight. If you need surgery--go to Dr. JLD Atkinson at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I also have the best endocrinologist ever there. Her name is Dr. Neena Natt. Godspeed Kimberly.