Monday, April 03, 2006

Standby for cuteness

Caroline is a hoot. She has so many expressions and moods. She is just discovering that she can grab on to things and put them in her mouth. Yesterday, she got a mouthfull of coupons. Yummy! Today, she was jabbering and squealing away, so John put the phone up to her mouth and they called me at work. She wouldn't let go of the phone and I swear I heard licking sounds.

Her newest thing is blowing raspberries and spit talking. Now my girls have seen this, but for anyone else, here you go.

I love it! I'm starting to wonder if I take too many pictures and videos. I haven't even started writing in her baby book and she has already done so much.


Karen said...

Babybook? Why use a babybook when you have all of her accomplishments in visual form? =)

Teddy said...

Pbbbbbbt, ThPbbbbboooo, Thboooooo.

Trying to tell C something ... pass it along. She'll know what it means ;)